IKB International Plc is a London-based consultancy and back office support company assisting companies wishing to outsource their back office and accountability tasks. IKB Plc can serve as an independent outside source to advice and improve systems within a company. We are also able to conduct impartial and trusted tasks without external influence avoiding internal pressures of a company’s structure.

Leading Consultancy Services

Contracting & Documentation

Advice on contracts & crosschecking

Client Support

Improvement of management & host meetings

Social Media Management

Planing and posting on social media

Websites & Online Presence

Web design and maintenance

Company Strategy

Advice on company strategy

Management Staffing

Sourcing of management staff for our clients

Data Verification

Independent and impartial verification of data

Analysis and Reporting

Checking documents and creating reports




IKB Plc has consulted on the structure and running of various businesses ranging from factories, to airlines and hospitality businesses. Depending on your requirements we can appoint a team of specialists to advice, guide and even take direct roles in managing your opportunities. We can offer a second opinion on your business opportunity and operate to the highest standards of ethics and trust with our clients.